On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, “Outnumbered” Co-Host Emily Compagno and Jimmy discussed whether Derek Chauvin could have been offered a deal instead of standing trial for the death of George Floyd, and looks at the possibility of Chauvin facing federal civil rights charges.

“He had agreed to plead to second degree manslaughter. And it might even have been third degree and the AG rejected it. Tuck that in your back pocket just mentally, because when we do get the verdict returned to this case, if it’s less than that, if it’s not that, then that’s one of those things that, as an Attorney General in this particular case, that’s the thing about plea deals is that they’re a gamble. And at what point do you accept them in place of a conviction? At what point do you make that strategy call on both sides?”

“Another aspect of this that I think isn’t covered as much in the news is we’re covering the state trial and maybe rightly so. But the DOJ is investigating the situation also. And when defendant Caulvin offered to plead guilty to third degree murder, which would have put him in prison, by the way, for potentially over ten years, he wanted an assurance that he wouldn’t also face federal civil rights charges. And that was in part why the AG declined this plea deal, rejected it. So something to think about is regardless of how this trial, regardless of this verdict plays out, he might also be facing federal civil rights charges as well. Some of these conversations, these are the conceptual ones where as humans, we want to have answers or we want to have conclusions that are aside from the details, that’s these anticlimactic conclusions sometimes aren’t satisfying, that sometimes when things have enraged or emoted or caused emotion to a certain level like people need or want more than that. That’s all part of that ongoing conversation. But the tidal wave of such and the result that the collateral damage, of like utter destruction, and utter destruction of the fabric of society is how we interact with one another. That’s when it gets unsustainable.”