This Week:

In a year mainly defined by a global pandemic there was also civil unrest, impeachment proceedings and the 2020 General Election. FOX News Radio's Political Analyst, Josh Kraushaar, breaks down some of the turning point moments from the 2020 election season, including President-Elect Joe Biden's path to the nomination and what's ahead for President Trump.

In January, Congress began with impeachment proceedings against President Trump. From there, legislators on the Hill faced continued challenges as they sought to pass COVID-19 relief, confirm a Supreme Court Justice, and pass a government budget. FOX News Congressional Correspondent, Chad Pergram, discusses what 2020 has taught us about Capitol Hill.

After lockdowns in the U.S began in early 2020, the focus shifted from foreign matters to solving the growing pandemic in America. FOX News Pentagon Correspondent, Lucas Tomlinson, shares what has been happening abroad, unrelated to the coronavirus.

2020 was unprecedented for several reasons, including the way American's consume and report the news. FOX News Radio's Washington Correspondents, Jared Halpern and Rachel Sutherland, discuss the most memorable stories of the year, and how their coverage was impacted by the pandemic.

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