Brett O’Donnell, presidential debate coach, gave his insight on what to expect from the first presidential debate scheduled for September 29th with Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace. O’Donnell believes it is President Trump who has the advantage heading into the first debate because he has been out talking about these issues while Joe Biden has not faced a serious interview with a serious reporter without a teleprompter or his staff to help him. O’Donnell also broke down how Trump should not let debate turn into a referendum on his handling of the virus. O’Donnell says Trump needs to make this a choice election and turn talk to China and how they are to blame for unleashing the virus on the world. O’Donnell says the way people will judge who wins or loses is who stays on offense better, stays on the attack and on their message. If you’re defending your record or a position, then O’Donnell believes voters are more likely to judge that candidate as the loser.