Senator Marco Rubio spoke to Brian Kilmeade about the potential for Donald Trump going to jail for violating the gag order in his trial. Rubio thinks the judge wants to put Trump in jail and feels this trial is political prosecution designed not simply to try to damage him every day in the courtroom, but to tie him down in Manhattan so he can’t go out and campaign.

On the Biden administration telling Israel not to move into Rafa, Rubio says that is the is equivalent to saying to the Russians, the American and allied forces in World War II to stop at the outskirts of Berlin and don’t go in after Hitler. Rubio also addressed Rep. Jim Himes, who is a part of the bipartisan Gang of Eight with Rubio, saying he has never seen him quite as overcaffeinated when on Fox News Sunday saying Democrats are never asked about their stance on when there should be restrictions on abortion. Rubio said they never talk abortion in the Gang of Eight they talk national security. Rubio explained how democrats will never tell you at what point should an abortion not be legal and hide behind the term viability. Every chance they had to vote for a law for restrictions at 15, 21 weeks or any late term restriction, they vote no.

Plus, Senator Rubio on being with Donald Trump for a fundraiser this weekend amid speculation he is on the shortlist to be Trump’s Vice President.