Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) spoke to Brian Kilmeade about President Biden having a mixed and weak reaction toward backing Israel as they move in on Rafah. Capito is appalled how the DOD is slow walking weapons that Congress has approved to be sent to Israel. Capito is upset with talk of the Biden administration looking to bring in Palestinian refugees. Capito says that we are in the middle of watching our university and college campuses implode over these demonstrations and yet want to reward families of Palestinians by bringing them in. Capito also discussed the impact the Biden administration’s decision to cap leases on oil wells and natural gas is having in her home state of West Virginia and other states. While Capito welcomes wind and solar, she says we can’t power our nation on wind and solar and because of environmental rules prevent building new gas plants and with coal going away by 2039, this will kill West Virginia.