Congressman Wesley Hunt (R-TX) spoke to Brian Kilmeade about the anti-Israel college protests around the country. Hunt, who is Co-Chair of the Black Jewish Caucus, said that it is not okay to threaten the lives of Jewish students just because they have lighter skin. Hunt believes if these were black students that were being threatened like this, the students would have been kicked out of these campuses yesterday. Hunt added, “As a black man, what I want to see is parity for all races no matter what you look like. So this is why I’m fighting very hard for my Jewish, comrades….you don’t get to treat people differently just because they’re Jewish or because they’re black.” Hunt also discussed President Biden holding up weapons to Israel and the importance of supporting Israel against Hamas.

Plus, Hunt, who served eight years in the military and four years at West Point, also spoke about how his bipartisan Recruit and Retain Act to help make it easier for local governments to hire and retain more first responders.