Prof. Gerald Steinberg, Emeritus Professor Of Political Studies at Bar Ilan University in Israel, spoke to Brian Kilmeade about who is funding the anti-Israel protests on college campuses across the country. Steinberg says these non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) are a huge multi-billion dollar industry that is promoting a strong political ideological agenda. Steinberg says they are not pro-Palestinian, they’re anti-Jewish, promoting Jew hatred, anti-establishment, anti-American frameworks on dozens of campuses. According to Steinberg this is nothing new and has been building for last 20 years. The problem is how the main group, Students for Justice for Palestine along with other similar organizations, have millions of dollars without any kind of formal structure that do not report to the IRS, or even exist, in terms of campus information with no transparency. Steinberg believes students who are paying universities for their education have a right to know where their fees go, who is funding the hate groups and believe the issue needs to be addressed by Congress.

One of the organizers who Steinberg believes are probably funders of all this activity is a group called Samidoun, which is a part of the Palestinian Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a terrorist organization that run organizations in the United States on college campuses. Steinberg explained how back in the 70s Samidoun was involved in airplane hijacking, murder, and were involved in the October 7th massacres from Gaza into Israel. Steinberg also calls out the inconsistencies and internal contradictions between statements made by President Biden, Secretary of State Blinken and some members of Congress, including Senator Schumer. Looking at this as outside observer, Steinberg points to anti-Israel statements before the Michigan primaries, calling them motivated by political interests.

Plus, Steinberg on why the push for a two-state solution will never materialize because is just a magic formula that has been around for many years.