New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu spoke to Brian Kilmeade about the need to publicly name the donors to President Biden’s victory fund that are also behind funding the anti-Israel, pro-Hamas protests. Sununu feels nothing works like good old fashioned public humiliation to people who are on the wrong side of this issue. On the latest ABC presidential poll showing Trump up on immigration by 17, the economy by 14 and plus 8 on crime, Sununu points that with families being crushed with inflation and the border being a strong issue with voters, it shows that the Trump campaign is doing exactly what they should be doing and it couldn’t be going any better for them from a political standpoint.

Sununu also responded to the backlash Governor Kristi Noem has gotten for writing in her book she shot and killed her dog Cricket for killing livestock and attacking people. Sununu said if anybody is thinking about running for office, his advice would be, “Hold a puppy. Love a puppy. Just put it in your commercial. You get so many people jumping across, typical party lines. When you love a puppy, no one tends to jump across party lines because you shot one.”