This week:

Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney held a press briefing this week where he contradicted President Trump's claim that there was no "quid pro quo" during his phone call with Ukraine's leader back in July. Mulvaney later walked back his statement saying there was no "quid pro quo" and blaming the news media for misconstruing the comments. Jared and FOX's Capitol Hill Producer Chad Pergram discussed.

On Thursday, Turkey agreed to halt attacks in northern Syria for five days with the Kurds following negotiations between Vice President Mike Pence and Turkey's president. Clashes continued on the border between Turkey and Syria on Friday. FOX's Washington Correspondent Rachel Sutherland spoke to FOX's foreign correspondent Trey Yingst who was in Turkey for this week's negotiations in Ankara.

Earlier this week Jared was in Westerville, Ohio for the fourth Democratic presidential debate. This was the first time in history twelve candidates were on the stage, including a new face. Jared recaps this week's debate with FOX News Political Reporter Paul Steinhauser and then sits down with 2020 presidential candidate, billionaire Tom Steyer to discuss how he thought his first debate in Ohio went and why he decided to run for president.

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