With Hurricane Dorian threatening millions in Florida and the aftermath of recent mass shootings, Congress has a full plate of issues to address when they come back from August recess. FOX's Washington Correspondent Rachel Sutherland sat down with Capitol Hill Senior Producer Chad Pergram to discuss what's in store for lawmakers.

On Thursday the Justice Department released the conclusions of Inspector General Michael Horowitz's report into former FBI Director James Comey's conduct during the 2016 election and following his firing in 2017. FOX's Chief Intelligence Correspondent, Catherine Herridge describes what's inside the report.

Also on Thursday, FOX News Talk host, Brian Kilmeade spoke with President Trump exclusively on his radio show, "The Brian Kilmeade Show". Brian joined Rachel to share what they discussed.

Former Congressman Joe Walsh joined the 2020 Presidential race earlier this week, entering as an alternate Republican option to incumbent President Donald Trump. FOX's Jared Halpern spoke with the congressman turned talk show host about his campaign's platform.

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