Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are being called to action, after two mass shootings within hours of each other left the nation on edge.  FOX's Washington Correspondent, Rachel Sutherland sat down with White House Correspondent Jon Decker to discuss the messaging coming from the White House after the tragedy.

With Congress out of Washington D.C. for August recess, some are calling for lawmakers to return early to take up the issue of gun control. Rachel is joined by FOX's Capitol Hill Producer, Jason Donner to discuss what laws have been effective in the past and what laws could be passed.

Jared is a the Iowa State Fair this week, and stopped by to chat with WHO Radio's Jeff Angelo about what Iowan's are looking for in a candidate and what the fair is all about. Plus, Jared speaks with 2020 Presidential hopeful, former Congressman John Delaney (D-MD).

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