Wednesday morning, Special Counsel Robert Mueller delivered a statement regarding the Russia investigation, reiterating there was no collusion. House Democrats are urging Democratic leadership to pursue impeachment proceedings against the president. FOX’s Senior Capitol Hill Producer, Chad Pergram discusses where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stands on the issue of impeachment.

A state visit in Japan, with Emperor Naruhito and a meeting with Prime Minister Shinz? Abe was how President Trump’s week began. This weekend he travels to the United Kingdom to commemorate D-Day with out-going UK Prime Minister Theresa May.  Jared sat down with White House Correspondent for, Francesca Chambers who is traveling with the President.

The president threatened five percent tariffs on goods from Mexico, saying the number could go even higher if Mexico didn’t “halt” the flow of immigrants to the U.S-Mexico border.  But several GOP members, including Senator Chuck Grassley, have suggested the president is “misusing” his power. FOX Business Network’s Edward Lawrence joins Jared to discuss the economics of an immigration enforcement action.

The Supreme Court is busy hearing cases and releasing opinions to countless waiting interns.  FOX’s Washington Correspondent, Rachel Sutherland spoke with FOX’s Supreme Court Producer, Bill Mears about some of the most talked about cases and decisions this season.

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