After nearly two years of investigating Special Counsel Robert Mueller submitted his report on the Russia Investigation to Attorney General William Barr on Friday. Jared spoke with FOXs White House Correspondent Jon Decker on the latest developments.

The Trump Administration announced Friday that the Territorial Caliphate has been eliminated in Syria. But terrorism experts warn the threat from ISIS is not over and there could more attacks in the Middle East and around the world. FOX's Pentagon and State Department producer Lucas Tomlinson joins FOX's Washington Correspondent Rachel Sutherland to weigh in on the threat of ISIS.

There are some bold ideas coming from the 2020 Democratic Presidential hopefuls, the newest include abolishing the Electoral College and reforming the Supreme Court. These ideas following other recent proposals from the party, including the Green New Deal and Medicare for all. FOX News Politics Editor, Chris Stirewalt explains.

This week C-Span celebrated a big milestone, its 40-year anniversary. In 1979 C-Span went live with its first broadcast from the House of Representatives chamber. Today, the network continues to show live, commercial free coverage of Congress. Jared sat down with the C-Span's founder Brian Lamb to reflect on the history of C-Span from when it started to where it is now and what to expect for the future.

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