From Washington

FOX News Radio’s National Correspondent Jared Halpern along with a team of FOX News reporters & contributors look at the week that was inside the beltway.


Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement this week, after the final decision of the term was issued.  Wisconsin Solicitor General, Misha Tseytlin, served as a clerk for Justice Kennedy and discusses the legacy he is leaving behind.

After the announcement of Justice Kennedy’s departure, President Trump looks to fill the seat before the end of July.  FOX’s Capitol Hill Producer, Chad Pergram, breaks down the debate both party’s are having over Trump’s possible pick.

Fox Business Network correspondent Jeff Flock joined FOX’s Washington Correspondent, Rachel Sutherland, to talk the politics of business and the President’s warning to Harley-Davidson.

Why are Democrats losing Governor’s races in deep blue states? Democratic strategist Jehmu Greene joins Jared to discuss.

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