FOX News Radio's National Correspondent Jared Halpern along with a team of FOX News reporters & contributors look at the week that was inside the beltway.


This month, President Trump announced he'd be meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for a summit in Singapore. On Thursday, The President decided to pull out of the summit due to North Korea's "open hostility."  Rich Edson covers the State Department for FOX News and explains.

This week the President claimed a "deep state" FBI informant allegedly infiltrated his campaign.  FOX News Radio's Rachel Sutherland was joined by former covert CIA operations officer, Mike Baker, to pose the question, "What's the difference between a spy and an informant?"

Republicans on Capitol Hill are jockeying for position as talk of replacing House Speaker Paul Ryan is ratcheting up. Jared and FOX's Senior Capitol Hill producer Chad Pergram discuss.

FOX News announced this month that they are doing away with exit polls and launching a new system to provide results for election nights. So what is FOX News Voter Analysis and how does it work? Arnon Mishkin, the director of the FOX News Decision Desk, sat down with Jared to discuss finding ways to better predict election results.

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