For Country Music singer/songwriters Carly Pearce and Clayton Anderson, there's never been a "Plan B."  For these up-and-coming artists, it's always been music or bust.

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In this episode, Carly and Clayton talk about breaking into music at an early age.  We learn how they battled through personal doubts and overcame ego and other obstacles in an unforgiving business.

Great stories in this episode include an underage Carly trying out for Dollywood, an exuberant Clayton opening up for Kenny Chesney and a broken-down van that made it to the venue on time with the help of five random cousins in rural West Virginia.  As Clayton puts it, "when you're out on the road, everything is not as glamorous as it seems."

Both artists sing some of their best, with Carly telling the story behind her big hit "Every Little Thing" before sharing a beautiful rendition of the soulful ballad.

Robert K. Oermann hosts this entertaining episode as part of our Nashville Sessions with the series producer, Brad Newman by his side.

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