It's been almost two weeks since the Las Vegas massacre. 59 people were killed, nearly 500 injured and investigators are still baffled by motive... or lack of one...

"We don't know yet what the motive is, but that's not for lack of trying." FBI Director Christopher Wray said on Thursday. "And if you know anything about the Bureau, we don't give up easy."

But there are also questions about the timeline of the massacre. This week Las Vegas law enforcement said it appeared the suspect Stephen Paddock opened fire on a Mandalay Bay security guard six minutes before he opened fire on the concert. The guard Jesus Campos was checking out a door alarm down the hall from Paddock's room when he was hit in the leg by gunfire.

MGM has issued a statement refuting that. That the timeline was constructed earlier, but they now believe shots were being fired at the concert at the same time as, or within 40 seconds after, the security guard first reported shots were fired. There's still a lot to discover and uncover in the investigation, but what do we know so far, and where investigators are focusing?

FOX's Jessica Rosenthal speaks with FOX News reporter Dan Springer, who is in Las Vegas, on where the FBI investigation currently stands.

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