In this episode of Children of Song, we find out what it was like growing up with country superstar Toby Keith. According to Krystal, he was just one heck of a Dad. A chip off the old block, Krystal brings plenty of personality and a ton of talent as she tries to burst onto the country music scene.

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In this segment, we find out Toby Keith gave the music industry the “middle finger” after he visited Nashville as a young singer and music executives told him he wasn’t good enough. Krystal clears up that 5 of those 10 songs that he played back then for Nashville insiders went on to become big, big hits.

As a result, Krystal has grown up knowing she’ll have to earn everything that comes her way in the music business. Krystal talks about other early influences including Patsy Cline and even sings a little of her legendary Crazy. She also sings excerpts of her Daddy’s Should Have Been a Cowboy as well as her own Daddy Dance with Me.

Robert K. Oermann hosts this entertaining episode with the series producer Brad Newman by his side.

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