The daughter of country music royalty, Georgette Jones talks about growing up with her legendary parents, Tammy Wynette and George Jones.

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With a pure voice reminiscent of her mother, Georgette sings classics and her own originals, while sharing emotional stories about her wonderful and somewhat eccentric parents.  She tells of a childhood filled with music, but also one full of ups and downs.

Faced with numerous death and kidnapping threats, she grew up always looking over her shoulder, running from house fires and weird circumstances that haunted Tammy Wynette and the family at every turn.  For the first time, Georgette reveals who she believes was terrorizing her mother and why the curse seemed to lift after a certain suitor's proposal was finally accepted.

As Georgette developed as an artist, she made peace with her past and reunited with her troubled, often absent father before he died.  She recalls the tender time they recorded "You, Me and Time," a song she wrote in his honor.

Robert K. Oermann hosts this powerful episode with the series producer, Brad Newman by his side.

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