If you asked 13-year-old Kathleen Madigan what she wanted to be when she grew up, you would probably be surprised to hear her answer: a jockey. “I’m short and I look really good in green and white satin,” the comedian quipped (just a small reminder of why being funny is the perfect career for her). A native Missourian, Kathleen draws inspiration for her comedy acts from her home state, her large extended family (she’s 1 of 7 kids!), and even the 2016 presidential candidates.

In this edition of Greta Talk, Kathleen sits down with her “biggest fan” Greta Van Susteren and hilarity ensues as the pair discusses the reason Kathleen’s mom won’t make a left turn, her family’s “Doomsday Preppers” cabin, and the possibility of the On the Record host spending Thanksgiving with the Madigans!

Listen to the hysterical interview below and be sure to check out Kathleen’s tour dates here to find out when she’ll be in your city!