Elon Musk Looks To Provide Internet Service From Space

Could the Internet be made to reach far flung corners of the planet too remote or dangerous to run fiber optic cable?  One global technology entrepreneur thinks ‘yes’ and has already set out to do it.

FOX News Radio’s Eben Brown reports in this FOX on Tech:

FOX On Tech. 

Billionaire tech guru Elon Musk whose space launch company does work for NASA, wants to put 4,000 satellites in the sky to make the Internet available anywhere on planet Earth.

(Musk) “In the long term, it would be like rebuilding the Internet in space.”

We’ve seen commercials for at-home satellite Internet, but this would cover more ground, and wouldn’t cost users much at all, according to Steven Laff of digital enterprise afarsitebetter.com.

(Laff) “And all you’ll need is a $100 – $300 antenna.”

It would bring Internet connectivity to impoverished corners, side-stepping harsh government Internet crackdowns…

(Laff) “I would think that once it becomes available, and if it is truly affordable, I believe the potential for adoption is huge and quick.”

Eben Brown, FOX News Radio.