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Greta Talk: Sit back and enjoy listening to lively and fascinating conversations with Greta van Susteren, host of FOX News Channel's On the Record.

Her husband was an American hero. But for Taya Kyle, the guest in this episode of Greta Talk, he was much more. Chris Kyle was the subject of the American Sniper movie - you'll recall he was killed at a firing range here at home after surviving the hell of the Iraq war. In a gripping conversation, Taya Kyle opens up to Greta - as the two get into a whole set of emotional issues. Kyle has written a new book, American Wife - Love, War, Faith and Renewal, a book that Greta has a special suggestion about for her listeners and viewers.

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Fast Forward: Join FOX Business Network's Jo Ling Kent as she digs into stories on tech, innovation, media, and robots. Lots of robots.

In this week's FAST FORWARD, FOX Business Network's Jo Ling Kent talks to Boxed Co-founder and CEO Chieh Huang about a new benefit - he is funding for his employees and their families! In the reboot segment, Jo discusses Silicon Valley's 2016 political donations. And, a drone that could fly forever!

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Housecall for Health: A comprehensive check-up on the latest health stories making the rounds.

There's some trouble with tattoos causing problems or negative reactions, according to a new study. And two new cancer studies and some advice for new moms.


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Balance of Power: With the latest notable political stories for you to sink your teeth into.

Hillary Clinton has carried a 50 percentage point lead over her fellow democrats.  But, if we've learned anything from the American electorate, it's that the person leading at the beginning may not be the person standing tall at the end. Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is hoping that holds true. Plus, we take a closer look at the declared's, the non-declared's and the might declare's in the GOP primary.

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Bullet Points: With the latest news and views for America's shooting community.

SCOTUS will not hear a challenge to San Francisco gun laws, NY Mets making news over a 'gun violence' photo opp, and Congressional Dems take aim at plastic guns.

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Status Updates  - Videos Gone Viral: The pulse of what's trending now on social media.

A little girl performs a sassy routine at her dance recital, set to the 1967 song "Respect"! Plus, Cookie Monster plays the role of Jurassic Park character, John Hammond, and creates a prehistoric dinosaur cookie out of pastry crumbs trapped inside an old rock. And this clip courtesy of Mashable's The Watercooler will likely leave viewers going, "aww". It shows the ever popular Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer but this time, it's voiced by children. 

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FOX In The Fast Lane: Chasing the headlines of all things NASCAR.

Michigan International Speedway hosts this Sunday's race, the Quicken Loans 400... Waltrip Racing looking to improve Clint Bowyer's season, and penalties for Jimmie Johnson and Danica Patrick.

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A Few Moments With: "A Few Moments With" is designed as a free-form interview series. The guests come from all over - the worlds of entertainment, government, science, business, and just about anywhere that we find interesting people with something to say.

AFMW: Republican Presidential hopeful, and former PA Senator Rick Santorum Republican Presidential hopeful and former PA Senator Rick Santorum sits down with FOX News Radio's Jared Halpern to talk strategy, immigration, same sex marriage, and much more.



AFMW: American Pharoah Jockey, Victor Espinoza The Jockey of Triple Crown winner American Pharoah sits down with FOX News Radio's Ron Flatter to discuss the victory. Espinoza jockeyed the winning horse to thoroughbred racing's first Triple Crown since 1978.




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