Daniel Mael – Too Much Free Speech? Too Little?

Daniel Mael is young - and maybe still a little wet behind the ears. But he believes that when it comes to college campuses, free speech can be a problem! In this episode of Greta Talk, he points out a case where some loud voices forced his own school to publicly go back on its offer of an honorary degree to a well-known anti-religious figure. It was, he tells the host of On The Record, a case of political correctness going way too far.

Which leads Greta van Susteren to raise an even more interesting question.... is it time to re-examine the whole college "thing?" Is today's college experience the best way to educate today's young adults? This up-and-coming young conservative actually speaks out in favor of the "liberal idea of college."

Join Greta for this fascinating look into the mind of one of today's politically-minded college graduates - and see what he foresees for his own future.