A senior class donates the money it raised for a class trip to help the school principal fight cancer.

FOX News Radio's Lisa Brady reports:

The graduating class at Profile High in Bethlehem, New Hampshire, spent four years raising money... Nearly $8,000.

But quickly held a unanimous vote, to give it all to school principal Courtney Vashaw, after she shared her cancer diagnosis last week: A rare and aggressive form of sarcoma.

(Vashaw) "The fact that they were willing to do this for me -- just blew me away. I mean... just... that's a very selfless act."

Now, instead of the four days originally planned at a New York ranch, the seniors say a local day-trip will do. But Vashaw hopes to expand that.

(Vashaw) "Many of these kids have been together since kindergarten. They need a good sendoff."

She heads to New York's Sloan Kettering next week for a treatment plan.

Lisa Brady, FOX News Radio.