Retired Chicago-area Police sergeant Drew Peterson is still in jail - but the cases against him seem to keep getting more complicated. He's already been convicted of killing his third wife. His fourth wife - Stacy Peterson - disappeared under highly suspicious circumstances, leading to a nationally-followed investigation that is still going on. And questions have been raised about the deaths of his first two wives.

All that is old news - but now, Peterson has been charged with trying to arrange the murder of the prosecutor who convicted him in the first place. Greta van Susteren has been covering the Peterson cases for some time now, and knows the story well.

In this episode of Greta Talk the host of On the Record talks to Steven Greenberg, the man whose job it is to defend Peterson. Greenberg is a well-known Chicago defense attorney, and he's used to being on the hot seat. His conversation with Greta, herself an attorney and no stranger to this battle, is frank and tough. So plug in, sit back, and decide for yourself. Did he, or didn't he?