Watching Kimberly Guilfoyle on The Five and Greta van Susteren host On the Record on FOX News, some of the contrasts between the two are easy to see – others, not so much. For instance – while both are lawyers, they come from totally different backgrounds. One’s a former prosecutor, and the other was a defense attorney. One’s a West Coast law school graduate, the other has a Washington, D.C. law degree.

In this episode of  Greta Talk, these two sit down and start telling tales… with no holds barred. There are some backstage stories about The Five (including Bob Beckel’s mouth), stories about growing up Irish, and about practicing law. Want to know which is harder – hosting in front of millions, or fighting for a client in court? Sit down, put on your ears, and enjoy this wide-ranging conversation between two of the most interesting FOX News Channel hosts.