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New York Daily News NFL columnist GARY MYERS weighed in on the Ray Rice controversy and the internal investigation about whether the NFL actually got the tape and saw it before Monday.   Gary says that the office may have gotten the tape illegally and that is why they never turned it over.  Gary doesn't believe that commissioner Goodell would get fired by the owners because he is really respected.



Fox News Anchor JULIE BANDERAS dropped by and told Brian that she believes we don't have as big and strong coalition because other countries don't believe that we are all in on taking on ISIS.  If we had a true strategy things would be better.  They also wondered why the administration keeps saying we are not at war saying it shows a lack of conviction.  Julie and Brian also talked about Ray Rice and Mike Tyson's confrontation with at morning TV host in Toronto.

Fox News Digital Politics Editor CHRIS STIERWALT checked in and talked about the administration not calling ISIS a war and Josh Earnest being smarmy during his press conference.  Chris says that our countries don't take us seriously because unlike British Prime Minister Cameron we don't speak clearly about what is going on and what we are doing.

HOUR 3 founder KEVIN MCCARTHY talked about the movie "Boyhood" and how they followed actors over a twelve year period meeting once every 3 years to film.  Kevin also talked about the late James Gandolfini's last movie "The Drop" and how the performances in the movie are actually better than the movie.  "Dolphin Tale 2" is also out and it's a movie with a positive vibe and is a great family movie to take your kids to.  Kevin confirmed to Brian that a "Top Gun" sequel is being talked about but he wishes that it doesn't happen.

Author of "Jesus on Trial" DAVID LIMBAUGH talked about his book and how he was pleasantly surprised that Christianity is true and that the Bible is true.  David also weighed in on President Obama's comments on ISIS not being Islamic.