Former Wisconsin Congressman and co-host of “The Bottom Line” on Fox Business Sean Duffy joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to discuss how the average American is paying a lot more money for everyday necessities than they were even just one year ago.

“Some people have made a little more money. They’ve gotten raises. The problem, though, is that the raises haven’t kept up with the prices, but they’re still poorer today than they were three years ago before when Joe Biden took office. So I mean, as people are paying more and trying to shift their budgets around to put gas in the car and food on the table and pay rent or mortgage, they’re still saying, “you know what? The number one issue for me is the border, because it is a fundamental strand of who we are as a country.” And I’ll say it, 7.5 million. I think it’s close to 14 million people in the country. There’s virtually no vetting. And yet some high school kids that are down there vetting people, which is nobody in at all, and just letting everybody in. We’re seeing gang activity, happen with these migrants throughout the country… And this administration isn’t celebrating their open border. And how many people are coming in and going, let’s bring the news cameras in here. So all the great work we’re doing, you know, they’re actually trying to hide it, Jimmy. They’re trying to hide it because they know America hates what they’re doing with their open border policy, which is why most Americans are like, “you know what? I’m making my budget right now. But if we don’t get this border right, we don’t have a country.” We don’t. All these people are flooding into our communities and their schools, and they’re speaking, you know, ten different languages in fourth grade, and we can’t house them all and educate them all. It’s creating problems throughout the country, which is why people say, hey, we’ve got fix this first, so let’s get this economy under control.”

Jimmy and Sean also share their thoughts on the media’s role in advocating for liberal migrant policies during the next election. To hear what else they had to say, listen to the podcast!

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