Former White House press secretary and co-host of “Outnumbered” Kayleigh McEnany joins Fox Across America With guest host Emily Compagno to share her thoughts on the highly-anticipated testimony of ex-attorney Michael Cohen in former President Trump’s Manhattan criminal trial.

“My takeaway, you know, viewing this in the various witnesses who come up is, you know, as a prosecutor, you want to build a case and not just have the jury rely on someone who has a noted history of lying. And that’s what Michael Cohen has. Lying to Congress, lying to judges, lying to his family. We have a long list of lies for Michael Cohen. And it seems to me at this point, the prosecutors are saying to the jury, hang this case on one piece of evidence, and that’s the word of Michael Cohen. But the problem is, the prosecutor’s own witnesses have come forward and disputed him. Many of them have disparaged Michael Cohen, Michael Cohen just said on the Access Hollywood tape that Trump didn’t care about his family with regard to this tape, it was all about the campaign. But yet you’ve had Hope Hicks say, yes, he cared deeply about what his wife thought, so much so that he did not want newspaper sent to the residents because of what it would do to his family. So you have the jury gets to make an assessment, believe the convicted liar, or believe these women like Madeleine Westerhout or like Hope Hicks on issues of credibility. And these are professional women with long histories that are respected.”

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