RNC spokeswoman Elizabeth Pipko joins Fox Across America With guest host Rich Zeoli to shed light on how many of the college students who have been protesting against Israel over the past few weeks represent a larger problem within higher education in our country.

“I think our academic institutions in general, have lost the faith of a lot of people. And I think now we’re seeing why. I mean, these institutions, some of the greatest in the world, by the way, we’re not talking about small schools. We’re talking about the Ivy leagues that people are on the world dream of attending, are producing young people who don’t know very basic history, who can’t point out probably Israel right now on a map would have no problem standing on a street corner and screaming for its destruction. We’re talking about, you know, young people who spend thousands of dollars on an education thinking that they’re going to come out and change the world, but end up, you know, screaming against their own country, screaming death to America and thinking that that’s the right thing to do. It’s very strange to me, again, growing up as the daughter of former Jewish refugees who told me that I’d be safe here and this was the last thing I would ever see in this country. But knowing that it’s gotten to this point, in our country, I think is probably a sign that all of us kind of have to rise up and prove that there are no oppressed suppressors in the United States of America. There’s simply people who have dreams knowing that they’re in the only place in the world where no matter where they’re starting, they can still make those dreams come true. And if we don’t teach that to the young generation, we will lose everything that the world knows of this country.”

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