Former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon joins Fox Across America With guest host Rich Zeoli to shed light on how the Biden administration’s green energy push is throttling the auto industry in her home state.

“I mean, the people of Michigan, they see that when there are new automotive plants that are being built because they have to build new factories for these EV vehicles, but they’re not being built in the state of Michigan. And let us not forget that the suppliers to the gas powered vehicles are here in Michigan. And so, it’s not just affecting those companies that you know, like Stellantis and GM and Ford. It’s affecting those suppliers who are bringing parts into those companies as well. And they’re not selling parts to just inside of Michigan. These are long time auto industry part makers that are selling to automotive companies all over the country. But they’re located in Michigan because that is our legacy industry, and it is being destroyed by these mandates. I mean, when have we ever seen that government decide what consumers will buy? It’s unheard of. And now we have the government dictating, you are no longer going to be buying gas powered cars. We’re going to go to electric vehicles that don’t run in the snow. Let me remind you, you can run for what, you know, 20 minutes across town in winter weather. And that doesn’t fly here in Michigan. It’s just a total nightmare.”

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