Former NFL sideline reporter Michele Tafoya joins Fox Across America With guest host Emily Compagno to shed light on how President Biden and members of his administration have failed to protect women’s sports.

“It’s disgusting that the Biden administration went to Title IX and rewrote it in such a way that biological boys and men can compete in high school and colleges across the country, and be in women’s spaces. Now, there’s a reason Title IX was written to begin with, and that was to give girls equal access to all the opportunities that boys have. Now, you’re taking them away. Don’t tell me that there aren’t little girls and young women who are going to be impacted. They already are. And to suggest that, well, we need to be inclusive, well, by being quote unquote inclusive to a trans woman, you are excluding an actual woman. So, the people that claim trans women are real women. No they’re not. That’s why they have the term trans in front of them. If I could go back in time, I wish we could undo this whole gender ideology. Look, if you want to be trans, that’s your call. But when you start to take away things from other people, like you’re a, you know, a mediocre boys sprinter, so you decide, yeah, oh, I’ll compete against girls. It’s just not right. It’s not fair. I don’t care what anyone says about the inclusion part of it. It’s not fair. And life is already unfair enough as it is. Why add these additional hurdles for these young women? So this is so bad.”

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