Dove Partners with BLM Activist to Promote “Fat Liberation”

This beauty brand is partnering with a BLM activist to push “fat liberation”

I’m Tomi Lahren, find out next.

What is “fat liberation?”

It sounds a lot like “diabetes and/or heart disease” to me but that didn’t stop Dove brand from partnering with a BLM activist to promote it.

Zyanha Bryant is this activist turned “fat liberation” influencer and not only is the whole concept pretty twisted, so is her past.

Bryant worked to get a white student at her University suspended after she admittedly “misheard” her say a racist comment.

The girl’s life has been ruined over that accusation but not Bryant’s. Nope, she is now a beauty brand ambassador working to end the stigma of being grossly overweight.

So it’s a two-for-one: glorifying obesity AND cancel culture.

We are truly living in the upside down and I want out, and now!

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