Chicago Teachers Union Makes Outlandish Demands!

The Chicago Teachers union is making big demands including an extra $50 billion for wage hikes, fully paid abortions for members, AND more money for illegal immigrants.


What part of this will benefit students? Good question…


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The almighty teachers unions have a stranglehold on Democrat politicians and they know it.


That’s why the Chicago Teachers Union is making some big demands. 


According to a leaked memo, the union is not only demanding an extra $50 billion to accommodate a 9% wage hike but also, 100% health care coverage for abortions, fertility services and storage of embryos. 


But there’s more, for some odd reason, the Chicago Teachers Union is also reportedly earmarking $2,000 to be handed to illegal immigrants to fund academic needs, transportation and mental health counseling. 


And of course, mandated LGBTQ training as a qualification in their job description. 


Folks, I think it is quite evident that this teachers union, like most teachers unions nationwide, does not exist to better the academic environment for students. They are liberal activist networks and a JOKE!


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