PA Students WALK OUT Over School District Bathroom Free-For-All!

Students stage a walkout after their school board fails to protect the sanctity of the bathroom.

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Students and parents from Pennsylvania’s Perkiomen Valley School District staged a walkout last week after their activist school board failed to protect the sanctity of the bathroom.

They shouldn’t need to explain themselves. This concept of not violating the private space of the opposite sex because you are having an identity crisis is a basic one.

And if that hurts your feelings, too bad. My right as a woman to feel safe and comfortable in the restroom does not end where your feelings begin.

And this isn’t about transphobia. It’s about safety.

If you’re a dude that wants to wear a dress, whatever. Knock yourself out. You wearing a dress does not put me in danger but you forcing yourself into a women’s only space could and that’s a risk women should not be forced to take.

I mean, damn I guess I’m a feminist now since you liberal feminists have apparently gone on hiatus!

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