Pat Green’s been called the “Springsteen of the Southwest” and while this comparison would be flattering to any artist, in this case, it also falls a little short. Sure, he has plenty of grit and a soulful voice that can draw in the toughest of crowds. But in this episode, Green does it without a hint of swagger or arrogance often associated with big-time acts. In fact, this country music star is just as approachable and down to earth as that great neighbor across the street. As Green says, “I just want to be the next door neighbor everyone wants to live next to.”

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Interesting stories throughout including a few colorful tales about his wife, who’s the muse behind much of his music. Green provides insight behind some of his biggest hits and sings some of his best, including Wave on Wave, Crazy, Wrapped and an emotional version of Footsteps of our Fathers.

The series producer, Brad Newman hosts this important episode from our podcast studios in midtown Manhattan.

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