In one of his last interviews, David Cassidy talks candidly about his childhood, his quick rise to fame on The Partridge Family and the 49-year career he spent making music and entertaining audiences around the world.

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In this episode, David describes the life of a teen idol, one that involves being stuffed in the trunk of a Toyota to escape a crowd at Madison Square Garden, only to be left alone in a dressing room in Queens for three hours.  As Gunnar Nelson says, "now that's Rock & Roll."

Cassidy is as revealing as he his reflective in talking about sneaking by 30,000 fans disguised in a wig and women's clothes before a record crowd at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City.  Through his stories, you can also see an artist who is coming to terms with retirement and saying goodbye to his fans.

Joined by Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, this episode looks at the eerie similarities between their late father Ricky Nelson and David Cassidy. We discover both had grandmothers who taught piano, both had strong influential fathers and both men grew up in New Jersey.  In this episode the Nelson twins are incredibly generous and giving to a man they call a friend, but who's also clearly a mentor and father figure.

The series producer Brad Newman hosts this special episode, which is one of our very best.

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