Once considered the most famous baby in country music, the author, producer, and singer/songwriter John Carter Cash is still making music inside the famous cabin that his father built almost 50 years ago.  The son of June Carter and the legendary Johnny Cash, John Carter grew up during the height of his parents' careers, sharing the world's biggest stage from the moment he could walk.

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In this episode, John Carter shares some insightful stories about his father's writing process, their life on the road and sings some of his favorite songs from both sides of his family.  He talks about growing up inside the Carter Cash legacy, admitting it might have been more difficult if his father hadn't been such a humble and generous man who wrote and recorded music till the day he died.

One of the artists that Johnny Cash championed was a talented girl from Oklahoma, named Sammi Smith.  Her son, singer/songwriter Waylon Payne also joins us in this episode to celebrate his Mama.

Through the ups and downs, Waylon describes life as one of constant struggle, but also one of indelible perseverance.  He speaks of his mother in reverent tones as someone who believed and constantly inspired him as he followed in her footsteps.  Waylon sings beautifully throughout and plays a powerful rendition of "Mama Drive On," a song he wrote in his mother's honor.

Robert K. Oermann hosts this special episode with the series producer, Brad Newman by his side.

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