Buddy Rich was a relentless perfectionist whose life revolved around making great music and entertaining audiences everywhere.  Arguably the greatest drummer that ever lived, this self-taught genius never practiced but instead, played with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey and Artie Shaw, always making these giants better.

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Notorious for being brash and brutal to those who failed him, this episode reveals a loyal craftsman, who might have been an even better performer.  With his lightning-quick wit and charismatic charm, he entertained kings and celebrities with the grace of Sinatra and the ease of Jerry Lewis, both of whom he counted as close friends.

Through the eyes of his daughter Cathy Rich, we learn about the many sides of her famous father, who could be demanding, but always fair.  Cathy has devoted her life to preserving Buddy Rich's legacy and she shares some telling stories about the man who she says played the drums like a Stradivarius.

Great insight in this episode from the trumpeter, Ross Konikoff who played with Buddy Rich and a fun story about the drummer and Benny Goodman from the guitarist/entertainer, John Pizzarelli.

The series producer, Brad Newman hosts this episode, which takes a wonderful trip down memory lane.

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