While in Nashville, we visited the home studio of country superstar Vince Gill, who was joined by his talented, up-and-coming daughter, Jenny Gill.  Surrounded by guitars and Grammys, we wondered what it was like to grow up with the legendary guitarist and Country Music Hall of Famer.

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Always candid and just as emotional, Vince sings excerpts of his favorite songs and weaves in wonderful stories about practicing his craft, writing from the heart, and always putting family before the music.

In this episode, Vince shares an incredible story of how he turned down the Grand Ole Opry in order to play for Jenny’s first grade talent show.  The two replay this emotional moment with a tearful rendition of “You are My Sunshine,” one that would have made Minnie Pearl proud.

Our host, Robert K. Oermann and the series producer, Brad Newman guide us through this emotional, fun-filled exchange that’s sure to keep you laughing, tapping your toes, or running for a tissue.  It’s simply one of our best.

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