Ohio Governor John Kasich, author of the new book "Two Paths: America Divided or United" joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss his book, his 2016 presidential run, and whether American politics are more partisan today than they have been in the last 30 years...and oh, he also calls out Brian for having a face for radio.

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Governor Kasich on how political partisanship has been going on in America for a long time

(KASICH) I remember back when they were trying to confirm Robert Bork to the Supreme Court and it was it was vicious and then I remember impeachment and that was very tough and then we had an election in 2000 and it was decided by the Supreme Court and that was tough and you know then I mean this has been going on for a long time. Obama becomes president people start saying he wasn't born in America you know he doesn't love America, I mean how do you think it's everybody so you can be mad at some or you can be concerned but my goodness we can we can hate our president, like now people who are anti Trump they're like you know we hate trump no baloney he's the president. So there's nothing wrong with disagreeing but you got to show some respect to people and we can't, I'll tell you another thing we you know there are a lot of people that will not consume any news that doesn't totally agree with their thinking so we reinforce our own thinking and we can't see the other side you always have to see the other side.

Governor Kasich on Nancy Pelosi refusing to work out a deal with republicans on the border wall and healthcare reform

(KASICH) I think Nancy was operating off some sort of a script or something it doesn't make any sense if in fact you could give some money to provide more border security and in exchange for that you can you can reform Obamacare so that you know we fix it and that people can still get health care, I jump on that you know in a second I think it makes sense. But that's where we've that's how we've deteriorated I mean that's ridiculous so now you got to go find some other (Democrats) people.

Governor Kasich on President Obama learning from President George W. Bush how to act after leaving office

(KASICH) There's nothing more interesting than to listen to former presidents because you know and tell you something I give an enormous amount of credit to George W Bush because all those years when Barack Obama was in there and he was blaming George Bush for everything, if it rained outside he was blaming him. George Bush didn't say anything and I think that president Obama has learned from that and he wants to stay above the fray and the fact that he's saying look I didn't do everything I wanted I wasn't that great, good for him.

Governor Kasich on how America losing religion and becoming more secular has led to more partisanship

(KASICH) The bigger part of it is what I've seen in terms of the drift here over the last few decades and what we can do about it and frankly it starts with us. Look, I mean how does wells Fargo open phony accounts for their customers, how does EpiPen jack up the price of the drug that families needed, where is their conscience, where were their values? These politicians that you know all they want to do is get reelected and they become increasingly partisan. Where is this this? Part of the reason is I think there is something that is increasingly happened in the country and that is the growing secularization of our country. Religion you know is I think there are people who were in religion that have given religion a bad name to be honest with you, religion is about hope, it's about connection, it's about loving your neighbor, it's about humility and loving God and as we become more secular and more self-absorbed we start losing our way and we have to think about these things.