Aryeh Lightstone, who served as the Senior Advisor to the U.S. Ambassador to Israel, spoke to Brian Kilmeade about reports that the United States is offering Israel intelligence on Hamas in exchange for Israel holding off a planned invasion of Rafah. Aryeh said if the United States is holding back intel that would help bring back hostages in Gaza and hasn’t used that intel, it is the most reprehensible form of evil that you can imagine. Lightstone believes that President Biden does not care about anything other than the 100,000 voters in Michigan. Aryeh also took issue with Senator Bernie Sanders saying Israel has broken international law and should not receive another nickel of U.S. military aid. Aryeh thinks that Sanders is writing foreign policy for Joe Biden. Aryeh went on, saying Sanders used to be outlier in the Democrat Party but today he is the mainstream of the Democratic Party and that terrifies not just Israel, not just Jews in America, but frankly, all American allies around the world.