Garfield’s Back! Helping Kids & Adults Stay Safe Online

He’s been a lazy cat over the past few decades, but Garfield is back, and helping users navigate a changing and sometimes daunting online world.

FOX’s Joy Piazza explains in this edition of “FOX on Tech”:

When the “Garfield” comic strip first hit newsstands in 1978, “going online” wasn’t a thing. Now that lazy feline is helping kids and adults alike navigate the ‘web safely:

(Davis) “We’ve been working very hard to take our analog cat into digital world now.”

“Garfield” creator Jim Davis partnered with the Center for Cyber Safety and Education to make a series of online safety adventures:

(Davis) “People by nature are very trusting, so when someone asks them to share their phone number or password or something like that, they tend to.”

The center’s director Patrick Craven says some holiday toys and gadgets could lure online thieves:

(Craven) “When you sign into some of these things, you’re giving them access to your contacts on your phone or on your social media site and things like that. Do you really want them to have that?

So what would Garfield’s Facebook profile look like?:

(Davis) “Favorite food: Lasagna. Favorite pastime: Sleeping and eating, it would be a very short profile.”

Garfield’s adventures are on

With FOX on Tech, I’m Joy Piazza, FOX News.