Bill Rancic & Michael Brown: How An 11-Person Company Is About To Become A Phenomenon

Each year the Superbowl is the most-watched television event by a long shot. Over 114 million people watched Superbowl 49 last year and over 112 million tuned in the year before that. The record-breaking viewership is definitely a factor companies take into account when deciding to advertise during the Superbowl, considering one 30-second commercial costs over $4 million. Keeping all of these numbers in mind, imagine how life-changing it would be for a small business of, let’s say, 11 people, to run a commercial during Superbowl 50 at no cost to them.

This is exactly the scenario that happened to Death Wish Coffee, who was among 15,000 other small businesses to enter Intuit QuickBooks Small Business Big Game contest. As the winner of the contest, Death Wish Coffee got to produce a 30-second commercial for free, to air when the Denver Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers this Sunday.

In this edition of Greta Talk, Greta Van Susteren talks with Michael Brown, founder of Death Wish Coffee, and Bill Rancic, who teamed up with Intuit QuickBooks for the Small Business Big Game campaign. In this exclusive interview Rancic talks about the many ways this opportunity will benefit a small business, and Brown reveals some of the advice fellow entrepreneur Rancic gave him. Rancic also tells Greta about his current relationship with former “mentor” Donald Trump, his and wife Giuliana’s struggles with infertility, and his latest business venture, an Italian restaurant in DC (which just so happens to be on Greta’s route home). Will the On the Record host be invited to the opening in March, and will Death Wish Coffee be on the menu?

Download and tune in to hear Greta’s exclusive interview with Bill Rancic and Michael Brown, and be sure to check out the winning commercial below!