Google’s Newest App To Make Emails Easier

Too busy to answer all those emails? Maybe you could you use an artificial assistant.

FOX News’ Pat O’Neill has the story:

It’s a new twist on the “automated reply” feature. Google has unveiled a new tool designed to write artificially intelligent email responses.

The so-called “smart reply” identifies which incoming emails deserve quick responses, then figures out the appropriate wording.

Users will have three different reply choices before it’s sent. The ones users pick are supposed to help Google’s neural network figure out which ones works best… But don’t expect anything too pithy, they’ll be short and pretty basic.

Google thinks the new option will be especially popular for checking emails on smartphones with the smaller, touch-screen keyboards. It’s available to anyone using the free version of inbox and to businesses that pay for a more sophisticated version of its G-mail service.

It’s Google’s latest effort to teach machines how to take over jobs typically handled by humans. The most ambitious example is its six-year old project to develop cars that don’t need a person behind the steering wheel.

Pat O’Neill, FOX News.