Tune in to this very special podcast release of GretaTalk. Sometimes you don’t have enough time for a TV show to air a full 20 minute interview with one of the hottest stars in TV and film. But, we do here on GretaTalk!

Sandra talks about her recent film Gravity and what a blessing it was for her and how she had to let it settle in before she worked on the next project, “Our Brand is Crisis.”

“If you look at Politics it is big business.”

“Failing badly in the polls, a Bolivian presidential candidate enlists the services of an American management team for help. The main star is “Calamity” Jane Bodine (Sandra Bullock), a brilliant strategist who comes out of self-imposed retirement for a chance to beat her professional nemesis, the loathsome Pat Candy. With Candy working for the opposition, it becomes a down-and-dirty, all-out battle between political consultants, where nothing is sacred and winning is all that matters.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Learn more about how she chooses her films, great writers, and movie location magic.

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