Morton Kondracke has teamed up with his former co-host of Fox News Channel’s The Beltway Boys once again, but this time he and Fred Barnes have opted for a different medium: literature. The duo has written a new book about one of their heroes and all-around “bleeding-heart conservative” Jack Kemp, and Greta Van Susteren sat down with Kondracke to get the scoop.

In this edition of Greta Talk, Kondracke tells the On the Record host all about “the most important politician of the 20th century who was not president”, including his life as a pro football player, his ties to Paul Ryan, and what the 2016 presidential candidates could learn from Kemp.

Also, which active politician is the “closest to the Kemp spirit and substance that there is”?

Listen to the interview below and be sure to check out Mort and Fred’s book here!