Louis-circa-Lewisburg-Penitentiary1-305x172 Imagine becoming a successful author, TV personality, and documentary award winner—all after receiving a life-imprisonment sentence. In this edition of Greta Talk we hear from Louis Ferrante, who after serving eight-and-a-half years in some of the worst prisons in America, was able to turn his life around and truly thrive.

Greta Van Susteren sits down with the reformed gangster as they discuss his life before prison, the turning point that set him straight, and the success he has earned since he finished his sentence. The On the Record host even gets the former Clinton Correctional Facility resident’s thoughts on the recent prison escapes of David Sweat, Richard Matt, and El Chapo.

Tune in and be sure to check out Louis Ferrante’s latest book, The Three Pound Crystal Ball: How the Dreaming Brain Can See the Future.