Talk about rocketing into the public arena - Pamela Geller may have been an unknown until recently, but now she's not only a strong voice against Islamic Jihadists... she's a target. Literally. The guest on this episode of Greta Talk has been the target of assassination attempts since she started her campaign against them and what she refers to as Sharia law blasphemy. Geller has long been an advocate for free speech, and against the hatred and restrictions of Islamic extremism.

In this fascinating in-depth conversation, Geller tells the host of On the Record how it all started for her... how 9/11 changed everything, and how she felt herself propelled into the world of activism. The talk takes off from there... going on to airport pat-downs, Edward Snowden, the 1st Amendment, the Patriot Act and even to South Sudan. Pamela Geller is a woman of strong opinions, and she and Greta van Susteren work their way through many of them. You'll be thinking about this one long after the conversation is over.