Her husband was an American hero. But for Taya Kyle, the guest in this episode of Greta Talk, he was much more. Chris Kyle was the subject of the American Sniper movie - you'll recall he was killed at a firing range here at home after surviving the hell of the Iraq war.

In a gripping conversation, Taya Kyle opens up to Greta - as the two get into a whole set of emotional issues: How do you tell your kids their father has just been killed? What are you going to do with your future? And Taya opens up to the host of On the Record, even telling the tale of who proposed to who... the unusual courtship that led to their marriage. It's a moving  and heart-warming interview you'll be thinking about long after it ends.

Kyle has written a new book, American Wife - Love, War, Faith and Renewal, a book that Greta has a special suggestion about for her listeners and viewers.